Seminoles Counselor

Keith Johnson

Hey Everyone Keith Johnson here counselor of the Seminoles. This is my 7th year at arrowhead! Even though I did not go to camp as a kid I feel like I've been here forever. During my 7 years I've accomplished so much from winning Rookie Of The Year my first year in 2018 to the Uncle Paul Spahr award in 2022. During my first two years I ran batting cages where I really grew my love for camp. Then I made the decision that my talents could be utilized elsewhere and became the counselor for the Navajos for 3 years. Now I am going on year 2 as the counselor of the Seminoles and I look forward to having the best summer ever. Outside of camp I am a bus driver for Wallingford Swarthmore school district. I've said it once and I'll say it again BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!!

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