Arrowhead offers these sessions & tuition options:

FULL 8 WEEKS$5795 *Mon. 6/17/24 through Fri. 8/9/24
ANY 7 WEEKS$5425
ANY 6 WEEKS$4950
ANY 5 WEEKS$4375
ANY 4 WEEKS$3795
FIRST or LAST 4  WEEKS (consecutive)$3695
First 4 weeks (F4)*Mon. 6/17/24 through Fri. 7/12/24
Last 4 weeks (L4)*Mon. 7/15/24 through Fri. 8/9/24

*Dates are “tentative” based on school districts snow days

For any 4, 5, 6, or 7 week enrollment, weeks not attending should be designated at time of enrollment


ABOVE TUITIONS ARE APPLICABLE FOR DEPOSITS RECEIVED BEFORE 12/1/23. Deposits received after 12/1/23 will reflect the Tier 2 tuition increase



We offer a $100 per week self-transportation credit (9:30 AM drop off & 3:00 PM pick up).  Contact us for more details!

We offer a $50 per week credit for meeting at a bus stop (eligible areas only)

We offer extended day services at no additional cost (7:30 am to 5:30 pm).  Contact us for more details!
We also offer the following sibling discounts. The rates are as follows:

8 week sibling discount = $400
7 & 6 week sibling discount = $300
5 & 4  week sibling discount = $200

These discounts apply to two or more siblings that reside in the same household. Should the campers’ sessions not coincide (i.e. – camper ‘A’ attends 8 weeks and camper ‘B’ attends 4 weeks) the lower discount will apply!

We also offer a $200 credit for any New Family that you refer to ARROWHEAD.  Contact us for more details!

Horseback riding (optional) – the only additional cost to our all-inclusive tuition is:

7 or 8 weeks = $425
5 or 6 weeks = $375
4 weeks = $325

All campers will ride 2 times per week (weather permitting).  Campers may also ride during their Club/Elective periods.



  1. If You Wish To Enroll Your Child please call for enrollment opportunities
  2. If you wish to download our application forms kindly Click Here.
  3. If you wish to receive sign up information through the mail please contact us as follows: Phone: (610) 353-KIDS (5437)Fax: (610) 695-8118 Email:

If you previously enrolled on-line and would like to make an additional payment towards your balance or to pay in full

If you are currently enrolled and would like to make a payment via PayPalClick Here. PayPal



  1. It is agreed that no refund will be made for the first ten consecutive camp days of absence due to illness or injury. Beginning with the eleventh camp day a pro-rated refund will be made for each consecutive camp day the child is absent due to this illness or injury. A doctor’s certificate is required. The Director reserves the right to have the camper examined by the camp physician. There will be no refund of any tuition amount for voluntary withdrawal from camp.
  2. The camper and parents agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Director for the health, safety and welfare of the campers.
  3. The Camp is not responsible for the camper’s equipment or personal belongings, while in transit or at camp, if lost or damaged by fire, theft or otherwise. The Camp will make every effort to provide proper supervision so that losses will be at a minimum.
  4. The Director reserves the right to deny, cancel, sever or suspend a child’s enrollment if deemed for the best interest of the camper or the Camp, in which case the deposit or unused camp fee will be refunded.
  5. Final bunk and transportation arrangements will be made when all tuitions are paid in full. All balances are due by May, 15 2024.  FULL TUITION MUST  ACCOMPANY ALL APPLICATIONS AFTER 5/15/24.  There will be no return of the refundable portion of the deposit ($300) after March 15, 2024 ($100 non-refundable fee is applicable towards tuition)
  6. Parent’s signature further gives permission to participate in special programs and activities including field trips, etc.
  7. It is agreed that house to house transportation service can only apply to the same address both A.M. and P.M. throughout the season with no exceptions. The Camp cannot pick-up or deliver to different addresses. Camp cannot guarantee a particular vehicle of transport nor guarantee a pick-up or drop off time or honor passenger request. Camp pledges to transport all children in the safest most efficient way possible. All transit locations must be submitted to the Camp by 5/1/2024 (if applicable). Any requests for changes in transportation location made after that date will negate guarantee of house to house pick-up.
  8. It is agreed that the selection of which session the camper chooses at this time (4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 weeks) is the session to be attended. Camp cannot guarantee accommodation of switching or extension of sessions at a later date. If selecting the 4 (F4, L4) week session the dates must coincide with the Camp’s published dates (first or last) and all weeks must be consecutive. If selecting the 4, 5, 6 or 7 week session(s) the absent week(s) should be determined at the time of registration by proper designation. The session(s) length are all determined by weeks attending and not days. There is no compensation or extension of session permitted due to absenteeism or vacation time—regardless of length.
  9. Camp reserves the right to use campers for promotional purposes in printed literature (still pictures), videos (pictures, testimonials, etc.), and Web site.
  10. It is agreed in case of accident or illness occurring on campgrounds during camp hours or in transit that the parents’ or guardians’ medical health insurance will act as primary coverage. Camp will be responsible for deductibles or co-payments only. All campers must submit individual health forms by 6/10/2024.