The Arrowhead Day

At ARROWHEAD, we believe “a busy child is a happy child.” Our schedules are designed to vary the camp day by switching between strenuous, athletic activities, sedentary activities, and interspersed between these we include activities that challenge the mind and body with appropriate exertion. Lots of fun, lots to do, lots of “happy campers!!!”

West Chester Summer Camp Activities


All campers are placed in bunks separated by age and gender. Each bunk will follow a schedule designed with our expert knowledge of ability level of each age group. Our goal is to expose our campers to a wide array of fun, safe and varied activities throughout the camp week.
Chester County Summer Camp Transportation


As a parent of a day camp child you will most likely have many questions concerning the transportation program in camp. This page has been created in hopes of clarifying ARROWHEAD DAY CAMP'S transportation program. It will answer many questions, provide you with information and allow you to become better acquainted with this phase of our camp program.
Summer Camp in Chester County lunch


As a part of our all inclusive and comprehensive camping experience, we serve a delicious and well-balanced lunch daily. Our menus are planned for variety, taste, and nutrition so our campers can relax and enjoy themselves while preparing for their afternoon activities. ARROWHEAD is proud to be a "peanut/nut-free" environment!