All campers are placed in bunks separated by age and gender. Each bunk will follow a schedule designed with our expert knowledge of ability level of each age group. Our goal is to expose our campers to a wide array of fun, safe and varied activities throughout the camp week. We offer an 9 period day, 2 of which are swim (morning instruction, afternoon recreational) and another being lunch leaving 6 daily periods for our campers to explore our activities, challenge themselves, cultivate friendships and grow self-esteem. For our Senior Campers we offer 2 Club Periods (electives) daily and our Intermediate Campers enjoy a once daily Club (elective). Our schedules are designed to vary the camp day by switching between strenuous, athletic activities (tennis, basketball, soccer, softball etc.) sedentary activities (art instruction, computers, nature etc), and interspersed between these we include activities that challenge the mind and body with appropriate exertion (rock climbing, archery, waterslide, boating etc.). Lots of fun, lots to do, lots of “happy campers!!!” Click through these pages to see for yourself!!!

Summer Camp Archery


Taught by experienced Archers, we offer a terrific facility for maximum participation and safety. Twelve separate ‘stalls’, 4 foot square targets, compound bows, and all necessary equipment and training for all campers from the beginner level to the most advanced level. Tournaments and trophies culminate a season long worth of shooting. Archery is offered on all campers’ schedules starting in the Intermediate camp (age 7)

arts and crafts summer camps

Arts & Crafts

2 separate facilities for Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Camp. A ‘double’ period enables the campers to have plenty of time to explore their unique creativity by making plenty of interesting, fun, and age-appropriate projects, all under the supervision of qualified artists who serve as our Arts & Crafts staff.

Basketball Summer camps


4 full length courts with basketball heights of 7,8,9 & 10 feet. Just like the NBA! Great fun and great exercise! Senior boys participate in a season-long basketball league with trophies awarded!

Batting Cages

We have a total of four cages, pitching machines and automatic ball feeders. This fun activity offers our campers a chance to hone their batting skills while targeting each child’s individual skill level to help them achieve home run hitting power in a safe and structured environment.

Chester County Day Camps

Big Wheel Track

For our Junior campers (ages 4-6). Two dozen big wheels, assorted obstacles and playground equipment. Kids can race and play without any threat from traffic.

Chester County Summer Camps


We offer a total of 16 high speed computers located in our AIR CONDITIONED computer room. We also have multiple large screen HDTV’s hooked up to X Boxes, Wii consoles, and multiple tablets for even more gaming fun, all under the supervision of our knowledgeable tech staff. Designed for fun and knowledge of the computer revolution!

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is the newest addition to our ever-expanding schedule available to the entire Junior and Intermediate camp, along with our Senior girls.  This air-conditioned activity includes lessons in preparing and tasting healthy and delicious snacks. Who will be ARROWHEAD’S Top Chef?

chester county golf camps

Driving Range

Expert instruction for our Intermediate and Senior campers allows campers to learn and practice correct form and posture for driving the ball as far as possible. We have eight separate stalls for maximum participation. Kids shoot for distance and aim for targets.

summer camp ga ga

Ga Ga

A beloved and favorite camp tradition, we offer 6 ga-ga courts for maximum participation and fun!! Our facility is better known as Ga Ga heaven, with our carpeted courts, in shaded comfort for this unique and unbelievably popular game. All campers wear their ‘badge of honor’, “ga ga knuckles” with pride!

Summer Camp Game Room

Game Room

A bunk favorite when it’s especially hot or rainy, our Game Room features a wide variety of arcade games. Campers participate in group games such as air hockey, foos ball, and pool as well as individual games like skee ball and electronic basketball. Facility also includes 2 outdoor ping pong tables for our campers to enjoy as well.

Chester County Gymnastics Camps


Offered to all campers and located in our Rec Hall, our gymnastics program is taught  and supervised by experienced gymnasts. We have all the standard equipment (rings, bars, beams, obstacles, mats) to teach kids the basics. Great fun and great exercise!

Horseback Riding

This is the only optional activity that we offer at ARROWHEAD. Available to all campers at an additional cost – all riders will experience our equestrian activity two times a week (weather permitting) with emphasis on safety and fun– all riding is done inside our 2 acre corral – all taught by experienced and qualified personnel with safety our utmost concern. Blue Ribbon Week highlights the season!

Lacrosse Camps in PA


Loads of fast-paced action utilizing special super-safe kid-sized equipment for our Senior campers. Practice your stick skills, throwing and catching, cradling, checking and more!

boating and fishing summer camps

Lakefront / Boating & Fishing

Our man-made fresh water lake, Lake Arrowhead, is 2 feet in depth offers everything a parent and child could ask for.  Campers can catch a wide variety of fish from our pier after learning how to cast and hook bait from our expert fishermen. Or, campers can PADDLE their own vessel; we feature rowboats, paddleboats, one-camper pedal boats, along with canoes. All children are always expertly supervised and are required to wear lifejackets as they explore LAKE ARROWHEAD. Instruction on rowing and canoeing included. A unique and magnificent setting unparalleled in other camps.

chester county shooting range summer camps bb guns


Our 10 stall air-gun rifle and pistol range offers our Senior campers a chance to learn gun safety and shoot at a variety of targets. Expert supervision culminating in tournaments and trophies. This activity is a camper favorite, super popular, safe & fun.

Miniature Golf

Our brand new, 9 hole mini golf course, offers tons of putting fun for all ages! This new course offers a variety of putting greens with an array of obstacles to challenge all levels of mini golf expertise!

dance camps in chester county

Music / Dance / Drama

Located at our ‘Bali-Hi’ pavilion, girls of all ages and Junior boys have a chance to work on rhythmic movement, songs, games, and recitals. Talented instructors offer fun times with skits and new dance moves, culminating with our annual Dance Recital.

All Intermediate & Senior campers will  have the opportunity to audition for our ARROWHEAD show. Past performances include Beauty & the Beast, Annie, Grease and much more. This truly memorable event is presented to our parents during the 8th week of camp and is a must see!

PA summer camps nature study

Nature Study

Utilizing our natural environment all kids can explore insects, plants, and aquatic life, with a focus on ecology. Our campers can explore the wonders of nature while learning and appreciating the delicate balance of our world. Campers always enjoy the petting zoo which features rabbits, hampsters, gerbils, turtles and other assorted reptiles captured from Lake Arrowhead!

Ping Pong Summer Camp

Ping Pong

Situated adjacent to our shady area known as “ga ga heaven”, campers enjoy congregating around our many ping pong tables. Ping Pong is a fun activity in between intense rounds of ga ga games and a nice way to relax on a hot day!

zip line adventures camps

Pioneering / Zip Line / Rock Wall

Our ropes course is an adventure for our pioneering campers!! Campers can scale our 40 ft. rock wall, zip down our multiple zip lines of varying heights and lengths, test their balance on our 30 ft catwalk and heebee jeebee or enjoy our high and low ropes course. Pioneering is one of our most popular activities for all campers. We employ highly-trained specialists and use all appropriate safety equipment (belays, harnesses and helmets that are worn with disposable shower caps) and emphasize safety rules and regulations at all times.

playgrounds in chester county


ARROWHEAD’s playground is a well-known and well-loved place where we have swings, sliding boards, jungle gyms, and the usual playground equipment, but where else can you find a real fire engine, boat, and authentic army tank? Our award winning playground lets our Junior campers use their imagination and creativity for safe and challenging fun.

chester county soccer camps


Our 4 soccer fields allow all campers to play this active sport to the fullest extent! Our intermediate camp will partake in a co-ed league with play-offs and trophies. The kids also play indoor ‘arena’ type soccer at the ARROWHEAD ARENA, a real winner!!

kids softball camps


Our 5 fields offer the campers great fun in this timeless and most American of games. Our senior boys participate in a season long tournament ending with exciting playoff games and trophies.

Street Hockey

Our street hockey court is home to fast-paced action. Our campers love to run around and score goals against the opposing team.  Safety is Arrowhead’s number 1 concern. All campers are required to wear protective goggles while playing.

swimming summer camps pool

Swim Instruction

ARROWHEAD offers the most comprehensive AQUATIC PROGRAM at any camp, both in facilities and administration. All campers swim twice daily, morning instruction and afternoon recreation. Our famous swim instruction program consists of separating the campers into appropriate skill levels (which we name “schools” – i.e. polliwogs, goldfish, barracudas etc.) Taught by trained swim instructors and lifeguards, our kids learn “camper friendly” swim skills that are all based on water safety in a nurturing environment. All campers’ progress are charted in our ‘Learn To Swim Campaign’ and each camper graduating from school to school receives official ARROWHEAD SWIM CARDS.

Our unsurpassed facilities include the following: Two separate Pool complexes containing a total of 4 pools. All pools are heated to 85 degrees daily, our pool depths start at 1 1/2 feet and include over 70% of shallow water for optimum teaching and safety.

Click here to learn more about our swim instruction program.


With 4 hard top surfaced courts, our Intermediate and Senior campers will receive basic instruction from our trained tennis instructors. Our automatic ‘lobster’ type ball machines also aide in teaching and refining skills. Our season culminates in tournament play with trophies awarded.

Volleyball / Newcomb

We have 4 black topped courts with painted rotation circles and a variety of net heights for age appropriateness. Our senior girls partake in season long league play culminating in playoffs and trophies!

main line summer camps

Water Slide

An ARROWHEAD favorite! Awesome, radical, super-safe fun for campers of all ages. 110 feet of sheer excitement, an absolute blast!!!