New This Summer

At ARROWHEAD we believe that a “busy child” is a “happy camper.” We offer the most comprehensive variety of activities of any area DAY CAMP – all designed with this in mind. Never the less – as times, tastes, and trends change we are always adding, improving, and upgrading our facility, program and activities to keep up with the times. Many of our improvements have come from suggestions via our ARROWHEAD family (campers, parents and staff).


NEW for 2024:

  • More BUNK RENOVATIONS – total demolition of the Oakie House,  A new structure has been constructed in its place to house our intermediate and senior boys bunks. This includes new floors, windows, and cubbies.
  • WATERSLIDE- The waterslide on our hill has been demolished and will be replaced with new, kid-friendly Car Wash apparatus!
  • GAME ROOM- Totally new, bigger building equipped with not only A/C but also cool games such as NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Skee Ball and more!