As a part of our all inclusive and comprehensive camping experience, we serve a delicious and well-balanced lunch daily. Our menus are planned for variety, taste, and nutrition so our campers can relax and enjoy themselves while preparing for their afternoon activities.  ARROWHEAD is proud to be a “peanut/nut-free” environment!

We feature a healthy “main meal” each day complemented with appropriate side dishes, liquid refreshment and desserts – all served family style by ARROWHEAD staff members in unlimited quantities. Sample lunches include all the usual “happy camper” meals –  hamburgers, pizza, chicken tenders, all beef tacos, a variety of pastas, fish sticks, breakfast for lunch, deli day and the like – all food of the finest and freshest ingredients. Side dishes include carrots & celery sticks, peas, mixed veggies, applesauce, tossed salads and more. Liquids include low fat white and chocolate milk, lemonade and ARROWHEAD’S world famous iced cold Bug Juice! Desserts consist of fresh fruit, jell-o, pudding, and assorted ice cream treats.

As an alternative to our “main meal” we also offer to our campers EVERYDAY – fresh salad bar, hard boiled eggs, tuna fish, sliced bagels with cream cheese, turkey dogs on buns, baked potatoes and of course soy peanut butter & jelly in any combination – along with marshmallow fluff!

All campers also receive a daily snack consisting of low fat white or chocolate milk & cookies, pretzels, fresh fruit and ice cold drinks!

And if all this food and fun is not enough – here’s the kicker – our MESS HALL (cafeteria) is centrally air conditioned!!! That’s right – all lunches and snacks are served in our delightful “cool” mess hall – an absolute must for a respite from the summer heat and sun!