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Navajos Counselor

Dawson Hillier

My name is Dawson Hillier I started working at Arrowhead back in 2016 and I have loved it ever since. In my first year I started in the kitchen doing everything from making hot dogs and pb&j and setting up the salad bar to cleaning. My next year I was a lifeguard teaching kids how to swim and finally got out of the kitchen and got to see the way the campers move from activity to activity and got to interact more with the campers and get to know them which made camp even more enjoyable. I then moved on to boating and fishing teaching kids how to canoe and how to fish and I loved all the years I spent down at the lake. I then was head specialist for the last couple years down at the lake as well. I decided I wanted to give counselor a shot this year and it had been a blast for me so far and hopefully for your campers too. During the school year I am a school bus driver for Marple Newtown School District which I started back in 2023 with the hope of being able to drive for Arrowhead as well and I am on the second year of driving for Arrowhead and I absolutely love it.

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