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Navajos Counselor

Keith Johnson

Hey everyone! Uncle Keith counselor for the Navajos or the NavaBROS as I call them here coming to you live from Arrowhead! This is my 4th year here and 2nd year as a counselor. Last year as the NavaBROS counselor was one to remember. I am not gonna lie it was a learning experience. I may have forgot my sunscreen on the first day and spent all night applying aloe, but it was fun nonetheless.I studied Pre-med at the University of the Sciences and currently work as a school bus driver for Wallingford-Swarthmore school district. In my spare time I love hanging out with friends, working out, going on trips and eating delicious food! Some things I look forward to most with the Navajos are not only having the most fun possible but also learning new things from the kids.

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