Why is Arrowhead implementing a CIT program?

We at Arrowhead have decided to implement a CIT program for 2 separate reasons:

  1. To provide our CITs with an extra year to experience the joys of being a camper.

    Our CITs will be able to participate in all activities that our campers currently do. This means that every day they will be participating in a Club Day of their choice, one scheduled activity and a free swim daily. CITs will also be able to participate in the camp show, overnight weekends, horseback riding and all other special events. In addition to enjoying camper activities, they will also have the added bonus of going on weekly off-site field trips.

  2. To educate our CITs into becoming a well-trained Junior Counselor the following year.

    Our CITs will be spending 5 periods a day with the bunk of their choice working alongside a Junior Counselor as well as the Head Counselor. Here they will learn all of our Junior Counselor responsibilities including how to set up & serve lunch, how to bond and form relationships with each child, how to work as a team, etc. They will also receive weekly trainings from our directors to help them during this transition year from a camper to a Junior Counselor.