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Jerry McDermott


Hello Arrowhead Parents!   My name is Jerry McDermott and I will be your child's counselor for the 2017 summer at Arrowhead Day Camp. Arrowhead holds a special place in my heart and I am just as excited to come to camp as the campers. I am 31 years old and I teach third grade in the Upper Darby School District. I have been with Upper Darby for five years and before that I was a teacher in Conrad, Montana for three years with 2nd grade students. Even when teaching 2000 miles away from home I have always made it back to enjoy the summers at Arrowhead. I have been lucky enough to spend my summers working at Arrowhead Day Camp for over ten years. I went to West Chester University and graduated in 2010. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership at SJU and hope to one day be an elementary school principal. My goal every summer is to build a personal relationship with each camper and to make sure every camper gets a memorable camp experience. I believe when your child grows up and moves into the busy life of a responsible adult they will look back at camp as one of their happiest times. I look forward to watching  your kids grow, watching them make their summer camp friends and seeing lots of smiles as they enjoy their summer.   Best wishes, Jerry McDermott Phillies Bunk Counselor

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